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We just finished up our week of spring break here at PDS and I love hearing all of the stories from our boys about their adventures. The Brady house experienced spring break a bit differently this year. I have been very fortunate to get through the majority of this year without any illness. Until Now! Comic Bill Engvall said every parents alarm clock should be programmed to the sounds of your children throwing up because that is a sound that will get you attention. After last week, I completely agree. Early last week we woke up to the sounds of our seven year old throwing up down the stairs of our new house. Joy! He proceeded to throw up for the next several hours. Just as he completed his final round, our eleven year old began. As he was finishing up, I started followed by my wife. Glad the new house has three toilets. The only positive out of this was the fact that our two year old daughter did not get it. She is probably starting as I type this!

My bout with the stomach bug lasted all night. It was so bad that after my last ride on “the porcelain Honda” I literally collapsed on the bed. I had nothing left. As I look back on this awful experience, I have a couple of takeaways.

I am convicted that I do not come to Jesus like that. I often desire to come to Jesus on my own terms instead of on His. I want to come to Him with my chest puffed out with everyone looking instead of acknowledging my brokeness and need for His grace and mercy.

The amount of puke that Carrie and I had to clean up was brutal. We were both extremely frustrated that we had to wipe up the mess that did not make it to the toilet. Then I thought back to the price Christ paid to clean up our mess. Frustration stopped. Forgiveness needed. Humility granted.

It will definitely be a day and night that goes down in the history books for the Brady Family. My prayer is that we will look back, laugh and remember God’s grace!


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