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Lessons in Marriage


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Bedtime is a rush. Put them in bed so I can get what I need to get done. Papers to grade. Curriculum to write. Programs to create. Ideas to make happen.


They will not be like this for long. There will be a time when they will not be in our house. There will be a time when I don’t get to pray with them. There will be a time when they don’t want me to read a Bible story with them. There will be a time when they don’t want me to rub their back as they fall asleep.


No more rushing to get done. Time to cherish every second I can with them. Time to wait until they are finished praying, talking and fast asleep.

They won’t be like this for long.

Tim Kimmel: “Show love in the brackets of the day.” Wake-up time and bedtime.

Be Intentional!

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DSC_1128Crusader Football season is officially over. It was a tough loss last night but a great year overall. As we were driving home, my oldest son made some very mature comments about the season and sports in general.

“Dad, I don’t like to lose but I know football is not the most important thing in the world.”

I credit our head coach Mark Fruitt for telling our players over and over again to not let their lives be defined by 5th grade football. That’s the kind of guy I want my kids to play for each year.

Driving home I thought about how to evaluate the season with Preston. My mind went immediately to a book called “Raising Kids for True Greatness by Dr. Tim Kimmel. In his book, which I highly recommend, he lists ten ways to be a great teammate. This will be the measuring stick by which I evaluate the season with Preston. My prayer for all of us is that we do not judge a season by wins and losses but by the character of our kids.

1) Show up for practice on time, with a good attitude, and ready to work hard.

2) Decide at the outset that you love (not just tolerate, but love) every member of your team.

3) Never shortcut or minimize warm-ups, calisthenics, wind sprints, distant runs and cooldowns. These are more than just conditioning. They are part of building cohesiveness and endurance.

4) Never whine or complain about the work. It’s sports; it’s supposed to be difficult.

5) Don’t get fixated on winning.

6) Listen to your body. Respond properly when it’s warning you about injury.

7) Don’t limit your involvement with team members to practice and competition. Think as a team at all times.

8) Encourage the kids who aren’t as athletic or who have extenuating circumstances that might be distracting them.

9) Never speak poorly of a fellow teammate or criticize the coaches.

10) When you win, win humbly. When you lose, hold your head up and never take it out on the coach or teammate.

Seems like a great way to set goals and evaluate to me. I pray for a movement of parents who are willing to evaluate not based on performance alone but on character and the things in life that really matter.

Be intentional!

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