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The War on Beauty

John Bryson shared this with me and I thought it was definitely worth posting.

Fathers with Daughters…what’s your game plan to war the culture on “beauty”?


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imagesLast night, I returned from our annual school trip with 75 sixth graders and their dads. It was a great time. On the way home, I read an article about a high school football coach that never punts. According to the article, the stats show that it is more favorable to go for it than to punt. On a side note, it would be fun to play for this guy. After a tiring weekend, I was excited to get home and see my crew. The night started off well and then I punted. What do I mean?

I spent more time correcting my kids than loving on them.

I spent more time sitting than throwing in the backyard.

I had to apologize to my oldest for being too critical of him at dinner (the offense-asking too many questions).

I spent less time with them at bedtime than normal because I was too tired.

I could go on and give you all kinds of excuses but I won’t. The fact of the matter is that I punted. When I had a chance to go for it, I punted. When I had a chance to invest, I punted. When I had the chance to set an example, I punted.

Don’t mess it up like I did. When you have an opportunity with your kids, be intentional and go for it. I know the stats are in favor of this one!

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images It is here. September brings about the annual 6th grade Father Son St Louis Trip. I am joining 75 sixth graders and their dads for three days and two nights in St Louis. We will head to the Cardinals game, Six Flags, the Zoo and of course the Arch. It is tradition for all PDS Students in PK-5th grade to gather at the buses and wave to us as we leave. My two boys do it every year and are counting down the days until they can join me. I must say I can’t wait to be a dad on this trip and not just a chaplain. Something very neat occurred this year as we were leaving the parking lot. The 5th grade (my oldest son included) started the chant “one more year.” They chanted loud and proud as we pulled out. My brain started spinning. I love the fact that these guys can’t wait to spend a weekend with their dads having a blast. But why stop there. Don’t wait days, months or years for this trip or that trip. I am calling all dads to step up and BE INTENTIONAL NOW! Schedule that vacation, plan that day away, take them somewhere, anywhere and engage your son. Make a memory and enjoy the fact that God has entrusted a son or sons to you. You do not know what tomorrow holds. So while I spend time away from kids begging dads to make this trip memorable, go be intentional with your kids. Love them, pray for them and be intentional with them!

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If you did not have a chance to watch the Basketball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, you missed a great moment by a great man. I was very impressed by David Robinson’s speech. I want you to pay close attention to the specific dialogue with his kids. A strategic dad at his finest. Enjoy!

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You Are Invited

I am excited about our upcoming parent luncheons. We are inviting anyone in the city who wants to join us. Here is the info:

PDS is excited about this year’s BBMM Luncheon Series. The quarterly luncheons will feature respected authors and teachers discussing topics relevant to raising children in today’s culture.
September 14th for 1st-6th at 6:30 p.m. [ RSVP ]
September 15th for PK, JK, SK at 8:30 a.m. [ RSVP ]
David Thomas-author of the book Wild Things
Topic: The Art of Nurturing Boys

To RSVP, go here.

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