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The Countdown


I calculated today that I have 2,555 days until my oldest son should be headed to college. Time is short. What are you doing today to prepare your children for that time? Have a plan. Be intentional!


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Choose from either identical preview.

August 28                 OR                  August 29
Friday PREVIEW                     Saturday PREVIEW
11:30am  to 1pm Lunch              7pm to 8:30pm Dessert & Coffee

Hosted by Engage Memphis at the
Fellowship Hall of 2nd Presbyterian Church (map)

What to expect at the August Previews:

A solid preview of what is to come at the “Raising Kids for True
Greatness” event Oct 30th and 31st in Memphis.

Vision, tools and resources to equip you to recruit others to the
“Raising Kids for True Greatness” event.

A city-wide gathering of parents and leaders excited about
intentional parenting.

A chance to find out more about “Grace Based Parenting” and
join a movement to create Grace Based homes throughout our

An incredible opportunity to gather parental wisdom from a
nationwide expert and leading voice on parenting.

RSVP to cb@engagememphis.org

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Bad Blogger

Okay, you don’t have to remind me. I have been a bad blogger and not posted in quite sometime. However, school is back in session and I am ready to roll. I am armed with vacation info, school suggestions and much more, so be prepared. Back in Action!

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