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coachEd Thomas (58)–a very successful high school football coach in Iowa–was shot to death at at a weight room near the school this morning. A 24-year-old former player is being held as a suspect.

Aaron Kampman, a Pro-Bowl defensive end and linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, has released the following statement:

Coach Thomas was very special to me and many other young men from the Aplington-Parkersburg communities. His legacy for many will be identified with his tremendous success as a football coach. However, I believe his largest legacy comes not in how many football games he won or lost but in the fact that he was a committed follower of Jesus Christ. He lived his life trying to exemplify this faith and convey those values to those under his influence. His faith in Christ pervaded everything that he did and that is why in the midst of the heartache we all feel there is comfort in knowing he is with his Savior.

What is the primary result you want from a coach? Wins and Losses? Skill Development? Character development? Seems to me that I want this type of guy coaching my kids. I would love for my kids to play for a coach that is intentional about sharing and living out the gospel!


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Pastor Dad

Download this book from Mark Driscoll’s site:


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I have tried my best to stay away from this picture that reminds me of my beloved Tigers getting beat in the Championship Game against Kansas but last night brought it right back into my mind. You see, it happened again. The Orlando Magic were ahead by three with a few seconds left last night. Instead of fouling and making sure that the Lakers have no chance of shooting a three to send the game into OT, the Magic simply play it out and get burned by a very good shooter who makes big shots. While I congratulate Derek Fisher for making the shot when it counted, I want to scream at the top of my lungs to the Orlando Magic, “Foul, Please Foul.” Have coaches not learned their lesson?

As I was watching last night in my armchair coach role, I began to think about how we do this as parents. We have The Coach giving us The Instructions on how we should parent and what our purpose in parenting should be but we just simply try to play it out on our own. Is it any wonder that we end up with the same frustrations. We are the Orlando Magic. We are the Memphis Tigers. We know that our purpose is to glorify God through our parenting. We know that we should be teaching our kids to live out age appropriate spiritual truth. We understand that God is showing us things about ourselves through issues with our kids. We know these things but our sinful nature pushes us to play it out on our own and we end up with a life of frustration.

The Coach has given us the playbook. Knowing this:

Be Intentional

Know the Plan

Execute the Plan

Foul, Please Foul

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Brady Family

If you have not heard by now, I really feel like God has put on my heart a vision for strategic families. The key element in this vision is for families to be intentional in their parenting by creating a family crest. It will serve as the framework for what they do as a family. I am currently putting a plan in place to make this available for those who are interested. I am currently working on one for Jamie Hollister, pastor at One Spokane. He recently preached a sermon on family and talked about the idea of a crest. I really liked it and I thought I would link to it so you can listen. You can listen here.

If you want to get on the list for a crest (I have about 20 people as of now), please send me an email at bbrady@pdsmemphis.org.

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This is the conversation at my house tonight:

Bennett: Dad, when mom leaves for Bible study and Emma goes to sleep, it is going to be guys night.

Me: Sounds like a great plan son.

Bennett: What are we going to do dad?

Me: P90X son.

Bennett: Awesome dad! Let’s make up a cool high five for every time we finish an exercise.

Me: Let’s do it!

Move to 30 minutes into our workout.

Bennett: Dad, you are doing it wrong.

Me (drenched in sweat and exhausted): Son, I am old and tired. Sometimes I have to take a break.

Move to 5 minutes after workout.

Bennett: Dad, we need to do this as a family.

Me (passed out on the couch): We will make it a family activity son.

Bennett: Good job dad!

Me: Good job son!

Me: Love you son.

Bennett: Love you dad!

Memory Made.

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From a 2006 sermon by John Piper on Romans 15:18-24, asking the kids in the congregationif they–like Paul–have a “holy ambition”:

Do you have one? Probably not yet. You’re only a child. That’s what you’re supposed to be. But some day you won’t be a child any more. And one of the differences between being a child and growing up is that growing up as a Christian means you get a holy ambition. Most little girls, my Talitha included, really want to have and play with dolls. That’s a good thing. But the day is going to come, little girls, when you will put away the fun of playing with dolls and grow up into the even bigger, better joy of caring for real babies in the nursery. And maybe you will even lead a ministry someday of caring for hungry babies far away, or lonely babies who have no mommy or daddy. And for some of you this will become a holy ambition. For others your holy ambition will be something else.And boys, listen. If you are like I was, what you really want is a ball, a truck, and gun and somebody to play with. I’ve never had real gun (except a pellet rifle). But I shot a lot of bad guys with my Matt Dillon pistol and my Lukas McCain-like, circle-handled rifle. I loved playing football with my friends and digging roads across the street for my trucks and drawing my pistol so fast you couldn’t see it. It was fun. And that was good.

But some day you won’t be a little boy any more. And one of the differences between being a little boy and growing up is that growing up as a Christian means you get a holy ambition. And that means the fun of guns and trucks and balls gets small and the joy of fighting for justice and salvation gets big. Growing up means getting a holy ambition to wield the sword of the Spirit mightily and drive a truckload of love to the needy and kick Satan’s rear end in the name of Jesus.

Mom and Dad, single people, young and old, Christians should have a holy ambition. Something you really, really want to do for the glory of God. Something that controls you. It helps you decide not to go to Rome yet. It gives eternal focus and passion to your life.

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